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Asset Recovery:

We can help you recover, resell, recycle or return to lease your excess computer equipment in a secure and environmental friendly manner that are in sync with the local regulatory guidelines. Your sensitive data is protected by removing tags and labels from the equipments, overwriting readable hard drives and shredding inoperable disks. Wel have developed expertise over recycling excess equipment while helping protect sensitive data.

Solutions to Achieving Data Security and Environmental Responsibility

IT Asset Recycling:
We recommend our IT Asset Recycling offer for the equipment without resale value. We help in properly disposing off your used equipments that meet the environmental and legislative compliance in a way that meets local regulatory guidelines.

IT Asset Resale:
After picking up the systems from your designated locations, we check them to determine its value. The equipments without residual value are then recycled whereas the equipments with residual value are helped in its reselling by us. This service offers a choice between the following data security options:

  • Resale with off-site data wipe — We perform a three-pass data wipe in which data on the seated hard drive is overwritten by using an automated script or, in the case of nonfunctional hard drives, by destroying the hard drives in a controlled secure environment.
  • Resale with on-site data wipe — We provide an extra level of security by performing the three-pass data wipe of the seated hard drive at your site before the PC leaves your facilities.

IT Asset Lease Return:
We can manage the logistics and processing of your equipment for return to your leasing vendor. You can choose from the following three options:

  • Transportation only — We come to your site, pack your equipment and ship it back to your leasing company.
  • Off-site data wipe — We come to your site, pack your equipment and ship it to our processing center, where we perform a three-pass data wipe of the seated hard drives. Then, we clean and test your equipment. After fully processing your equipment, we ship it back to your leasing company.
  • On-site data wipe — In addition to packing and shipping, we come to your site and perform a three-pass data wipe of your system's seated hard drives before the equipment leaves your facilities.

One Size Never Fits All:
For customers who require customized service or integrated deployments, we can provide flexible services, including custom asset recovery solutions. Contact our sales representative to find out what we can do for you.

Excess Recovery:

We specialize in Asset Management and have associations with leading Computer Technology Manufactures, Private, and Leasing companies. We are always interested in building and establishing new relationships. We can sell your overstocked, used, or excess inventory. We will go that extra mile in helping you turn your excess stock into cash back into your pocket. We assist our clients with the identification, redeployment and or disposition of your surplus assets.


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